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Turkey Hunts

We provide hunts for both spring and fall turkey. We also provide hunts to test your own skills hunting the Rio Grand Turkey. We have a large population of turkeys. We limit our Turkey hunts on a yearly basis to ensure a good group of birds for the next year. The ranch is perfect for a set up of decoys and then calling in the big boy yourself. Of course we will not send you out blind. We will give you directions and some ideas on travel patterns and last sightings. Come join us at Selman Ranch for a hunt to remember. Bag the trophy gobbler of your dreams!

One of the management practices of the Selman Ranch is one gobbler per hunter in the Spring. This will ensure hunting for future hunting and also allow you to take your time and pick the bird you are you like the most. Also, lodging is included in our Turkey hunts. The lodging and our breakfast and dinner are one of the best parts of the hunt. Also in the spring it is not uncommon for a Gobbler to be your wake up call. Walking out the door of the lodge you more than likely catch a gobbler out in the front pasture doing his morning strut. Come out and see for yourself!

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