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Trophy Deer

One thing you will notice at the Selman ranch is that we are very personable and love to visit and have a good time. We carry that philosophy over to our hunting operation. We do not have more than 6-8 hunters at the ranch during our deer seasons. Last year, opening rifle weekend, we had 6 hunters and all the hunters were seeing 6-12 bucks per day. The Selman ranch has been managing for larger bucks every year. During the 2003 rifle season, we were seeing more ten point bucks than any smaller bucks. That is a true testament to our management practices. We are continually upgrading the quality of our food plots. We will be planting oats, wheat, and alfalfa this year - weather allowing. Also, the ranch is bordered by wheat fields and other crops to ensure nutrition to our deer year around. We are adding blinds every year. We offer wood blinds, enclosed and heated blinds, and also tree blinds to raise your chances at seeing the buck you would want to take home.

The Lodging at the ranch is some of the best you will find. There is nothing better then waking up in the morning and seeing deer out in the front pasture and in the yard. The abundant wildlife is all around you!

Gary Lantz, in a deer hunting story appearing in the National Journal of the National Rifle Association of two boys (Jake 9 and Josh 11) and their father:

"The weather was windy, yet not exceptionally cold the Friday following Thanksgiving when Jake and Josh arrived at the game-rich Selman Ranch- 14,000 acres of native prairie nestled amid the breaks separating northwest Oklahoma's Buffalo Creek and the broad valley of the Cimarron River. Sue Selman runs a trophy deer, turkey and quail hunting operation..." "...Josh soon brought down a buck of his own, ...just a little bit bigger than the deer Jake had shot the afternoon before."


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